Peugeot: feminine cars, feminine advertising campaigns

On 25 September, 2012 by Catalina

Peugeot launched this year the 107 model, a car especially designed for women around the world.

In order to advertise the car, besides the ads from mass media they also  chose to create a little contest online. I’m not sure if this contest takes place worldwide, because the home page is in spanish, but if it’s not, it should be because it’s really cute.

So, the contest is called “Ruta 107″ which in translation means “The 107 Route”. Being a feminine car, Peugeot’s marketing team integrated, as it was expected fashion in the campaign too. How? Let’s start by saying that “The 107 Route” basically consists in visiting 7 cities, all of them being  a fashion capital. And when I say “visiting 7 cities”, I mean at first virtually, and if you’re lucky to win the contest, in the end , for real too.  That’s because the contest’s main idea is that a cool girl, with a cool car , likes to travel. So the big prize is a trip to one of the following destinations: Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin and Milan. The destination will be the city that  collects the highest number of votes from the contestants.

And that’s not all: Peugeot collaborates with “The Hip Tee” ( A Spanish fashion brand ), which for this campaign created a collection inspired by the cities named above.

So, the next question is probably: what can you do  in order to win the big prize or at least one of the T-shirts? Well, you have to play a little game on the contest’s webpage. For each city mentioned above, you have to complete a task. Every month, another “level” gets unlocked, and, in order to be eligible for winning you have to unlock all the cities and pass all the tasks.

What do I most like about this campaign? It’s not the car. It isnt’t  the T-shirts. It’s not the big prize or the little games you have to play. None of the things mentioned above. It’s the campaign’s website! Please check it out: 107hiptee. It’s adorable. It’s cute, and feminine, and I love it. The whole campaign is so well done, no detail escaped  them. Peugeot’s name appears even on the labels of the T-shirts ( in a cute and tasteful way )

That’s not all (part 2 ) : They donate  1euro to The Aladina Foundation ( La Fundacion Aladina – a spanish non profit organization that helps children and teenagers with cancer), every single time a user passes one of the tasks.

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